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Family and the IFSP process
Project Copernicus, Kennedy Krieger Institute
This instructional package includes a 90-minute training video and a facilitator's guide. The videotape is structured to provide information about and illustrations of key landmarks in the IFSP process (first contacts, development of outcomes, identifying family concerns, priorities and resources, initial IFSP meetings, development of transition plans). The illustrations take the form of vignettes in which practices that are less than family-centered are shown in black and white and family-centered approaches are shown in color. Viewers can easily be cued to watch for specific that may create barriers or that foster positive, collaborative relationships. The accompanying facilitator's guide provides clear suggestions for use of the materials as part of a statewide, local, inservice, preservice, part-day or multi-day training experience, along with activities and handouts. Date: 1993: Print with accompanying 90-minute videotape Level of Impact: Awareness/Knowledge

Source: Publications
Kennedy Krieger Community Resources
The National Training Center
Kennedy Krieger Institute
2911 East Biddle Street
Baltimore, MD 21213
Phone-(410) 502-9700 FAX-(410) 502-9766
Cost: $150.00/copy of the video and guide, plus $4.00 shipping & handling

Creating a vision: The Individual Family Service Plan
Colorado Interagency Coordinating Council and Colorado Department of Education. (1990). Denver, CO: Denver Early Childhood Connection. [Videotape].
This 30-minute tape illustrates Colorado's model for developing and implementing the IFSP; including the priority for the IFSP process to be adaptable, flexible, family-centered and supportive of families' values, goals and dreams. Cost: $10.00 plus shipping and handling.

Colorado Department of Education
201 East Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80203-1704
(303) 866-6942

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