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IFSP as a Process

The flow sheet below shows the IFSP process as it is outlined in state regulations. Look first at the overall flow, and then click on each element to learn more about it. Notice especially the MDT evaluation in the middle. The MDT evaluation is a part of the IFSP process, but the MDT and the IFSP are not the same.

The IFSP process is different from the IEP process which is used for older children. Click here to see a chart comparing the IEP and IFSP processes.

After you have looked under each element, go back through them to see if you remember what is written about each one.


7 Day Period Referrals 45 Day Period Services Coordinator Assigned Initial Contact MDT Evaluation Interim IFSP Meeting New Issues? Finding Shared with Family Referrals to Non-Educational Services Verified IFSP Team Established Pre-IFSP Team Assessment IFSP Meeting Services Begin IFSP Reviews Formal Exit
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