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Developing a Great IFSP

Reviewing Family Concerns and Priorities
The IFSP meeting will begin by reviewing the concerns and/or priorities the family has identified over the past weeks during interviews, assessments and informal contacts with the Services Coordinator, school personnel, doctors, nurses and family members.

Describing a Child’s Present Abilities
Once the family concerns and priorities have been established, the IFSP meeting facilitator will offer or solicit a brief summary of how/why this child is eligible for special services in the community.

Developing and Prioritizing Functional Child and Family Outcomes
This portion of the IFSP meeting should include a discussion of the family’s and professional’s views about important family/child outcomes that would be possible in the next six months.

Natural Environments
A good IFSP outlines intervention supports to be provided in a child’s “natural environments” whenever possible.

Utilizing Family Strengths and Resources for Each Outcome
A philosophy of Family-Centered Services demands programs be built on existing strengths of the family and the child.

Describing Team Services for Each Outcome
Based on the family’s and child’s needs and available strengths and resources, the IFSP team can discuss how services will be scheduled and coordinated to achieve targeted outcomes.

IFSP as a Living Document
The IFSP document assists in documenting eligibility for both education and non-education related programs and services and should be an integral part of the ongoing IFSP process after early intervention services are initiated.

Sample IFSPs and MDTs
Find IFSP and MDT samples provided for the purpose of giving teams a reference for writing integrated MDT reports, functional outcomes and corresponding IFSP services pages.

Planning for Transitions
The transition plans should be outlined in the IFSP as soon as an anticipated change in services is considered.

Quiz - Developing an IFSP
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